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Obscurus development | Shadow problems

Working in Bitsquid is fun. Working in Bitsquid as a student is not as much fun. Working in Bitsquid as a lone developer is down right what it is: work.

I have been working on my first-person pacifist puzzle game Obscurus since November 2013 now, and I am very close to finishing up the demo/first level. The game is meant to be played with an Oculus Rift or other Head Mounted Display in order to immerse the player in a virtual reality. The game’s puzzles rely on the player being immersed as if in a real world, from being blinded, to achieving vertigo or getting lost in a cramped maze. Development has gone really well, until it was time to integrate Oculus Rift support for real.

Surprisingly the main problem isn’t that Bitsquid doesn’t have native support for it. I got in contact with the nice folks at Bitsquid and they hooked me up with an experimental build. After some frustration (more like a TON of frustration), that ended up being that I forgot to render environment to the stereo renderer, I finally got to play my game in VR.

However amazing it was to work in it, I noticed some interesting errors. The dynamic shadows were different in each eye. After diving into the shader code in HLSL, I have stared myself blind, and I’m no closer to solving the problem. Hopefully the new week can give me some fresh eyes and finally solve it.


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