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Winning the C Awards

The showroom

The C Awards were held at Visualiseringcenter C in Norrköping on Wednesday. I brought my desktop to the showroom event before the prize ceremony, as I wanted to rectify my previous frame rate problems at the Swedish Game Awards Conference, where I only used my laptop.

Set up on the showroom floor before guests arrive

Set up on the showroom floor before guests arrive

Suffice to say, it ran smoother than butter, and the comments were much the same. No negative comments to be had, and everyone seemed to enjoy Obscurus, even if they had tried other VR games previously, which is a testament to the game’s design. A lot of interesting questions about my design choices came up, and I also got the chance to see if my slight adjustments to the game paid off. It did. I also got to meet Fredrik Berling, a childhood hero of mine who was the host for the show Hjärnkontoret, and now acted as compere for the prize ceremony.

The prize ceremony

The prize ceremony started a few hours after the showroom, and I was incredibly nervous. I was nominated in two categories: Next Audience Magnet, and Technical Excellence. From what I’d seen of the other nominees on the show floor, I was sure that I had a shot at both, but Technical Excellence being my stronger entry, as one group didn’t even show up to the showroom floor.

Next Audience Award nominees

Next Audience Award nominees

The award for Next Audience Magnet comes up, I’m nervous, but I’m also thinking “It’s fine, this isn’t my strongest category”; so you can imagine my surprise when my name pops up before the jury has even given their motivation!

Getting my award for Next Audience Magnet

Getting my award for Next Audience Magnet

I was ecstatic! I was overjoyed! I was a bit nervous being on stage with a microphone shoved in my face, but I think I fared alright.

The jury’s motivation was as follows:

“In this entry we see the first steps on a journey towards a whole new type of public storytelling. Through experimenting with virtual spatiality and design, the entry shows the potential of technology whose possibilities we can only yet dream about.”

Happy award winner back on the showroom floor

Happy award winner back on the showroom floor

Where next?

Obscurus has now gotten its first award, and hopefully many more are to come. The next big milestone for me is to finish up the vertical slice of the game for the Swedish Game Awards. The prize money I got here will help pay my rent and continue development on Obscurus and other projects, like Mimic, which is starting to gain steam. Hopefully I can keep you updated on it’s development as well as my latest game, a 2D card game.

As always, I’m continuing my pursuit of master thesis work in the video game field.


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