Sum Sola – I, Alone | Swedish Game Awards 2013 | April 2013 – May 2013

A survival platformer that focuses on non-violent gameplay. Manage your heat level to keep going. If you don’t stop to warm up, you’ll slow down, and thus be unable to perform the the platforming required to proceed.

Sole creator of a survival platformer that focuses on non-violent gameplay, born from the idea of making a game without conflict.

Worked alone for two months within the Unity engine, creating 3D assets, level design, textures, UI, and programming. Audio used under Creative Commons licenses.

BrushMan Arena | Ericsson In-Game Communication | June 2012 – Aug 2012

A fast paced 3D multiplayer Android + PC game, featuring unique voice chat functions. Color your opponents to gain points. Speak to drop color blobs faster, but beware! Other people can hear you exactly like in real life!

Sole Unity asset creator, including: 3D models, animation, GUI, textures, audio, promotional material in the form of videos and screenshots, as well as handling marketing via social media.

Worked in a three man team for three months, utilizing scrum methods, completing the project on time and to the client’s satisfaction.



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