CAwards entry & Obscurus development slowing down

CAwards entry

Work on Obscurus has gone slowly this past week and half, as I decided to take part in the CAwards. CAwards is a competition held by Visualiseringscenter C in Norrk√∂ping, where ambitious student projects in visualization and human computer interaction can compete in 5 categories for 10,000 sek. To compete, you need to create a video of your project, and enclose a description with the application. Therefore, I needed to create a video that showed what Obscurus was all about. This included finding a way to show Virtual Reality for people who’ve never experienced it. I ended up recording myself playing the game and simultaneously recording the screen so I get a side by side in the final video. I like the effect.

Obscurus development slowing down

Obscurus development has been slow as of late. I fear I’ve hit the Indie shame spiral. My early enthusiasm for Obscurus has started to dwindle, and I’m looking to new projects, like Mimic, to keep going. I will continue small development on Obscurus though, as I want it to be as polished as possible for the Swedish Game Awards. I will restricting it to a single level for the time being however. SGA is more of a vertical slice competition anyhow.

To conclude this post, here’s a collection of images I’ve saved from development over the past two weeks.