So my first update video for Obscurus is done and posted over on my Youtube channel. It features the original alpha design that can be seen in the banner. I was happy with this design at first, but after user testing, and realizing that most people who’ve played it want to play again, I decided to redesign the level with occluders in mind.
I was also, foolishly, limited by the stationary that I used to design the first level by hand. I used a small A5 notepad with squares, instead of an A4. This meant that I was rather limited by the page dimensions, and couldn’t make the experience as intertwined as I wanted. An inspiration for Obscurus has always been the fantastic indiegame Antichamber by Alexander Bruce, and as such I wanted the player to be able to come back to the same room again, or miss a whole bunch of rooms if they weren’t watchful enough.
The video also shows my first experimenting with the Oculus Rift version. As you can see, I’m still having trouble with the shadows, so I had to turn off all lights except for the sun to make it at least bearable. I hope to keep contact with Bitsquid to try and sort out this inconvenience.