Game Jam Games

Mimic | Global Game Jame | January 2014

Mimic Global Game Jam page

A 4-player, local multiplayer game in which you must stealthily remove your opponents from play, whilst avoiding detection yourself. You are all aliens, competing with each other live on an intergalactic TV game show. You will be given mind control over someone in the crowd, and your task will be to tag other aliens – but there’s a catch! You must act as humanly as possible, and blend in with the crowd to avoid being spotted yourself. Points are awarded for every other alien (player) you successfully tag, and doing this earns you power-ups – such as the all-important ability to swap bodies. This will come in useful after you’ve zapped a fellow player! Ready your mind probes – the player who spots the most aliens will win!

Worked as programmer, concept designer, and UI designer.

One button to save the planet | Hackathon | Spring 2012

A one button game created for Swedish Game Awards 2013 hackathon even with Came in 4th place.

Created all art assets and sound design.


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